Food Scrap Drop-Off & Collection

Be a part of ReSoiling Sacramento! We offer weekly residential or small business collection for a fee. FREE Drop-off at the Saturday Midtown Farmers Market. More Info


Beyond Composting 101, we bring the latest research about soil life, compost, carbon and regenerative practices. We teach kids and communities alike about their role in the food cycle and the local ecosystem. Calendar


Soil & Garden Services

We can come to your school, church, or home and start building healthy soil for a garden or just to cover a lawn. Let's do it!

Green Restaurants

We offer a variety of services to help make restaurants more sustainable - generally involved with the waste stream. Of course ReSoil Sacramento can divert your food scraps, but GRAS can also consider your whole waste stream, audit it, build zero-waste programs, seek to reduce hauler services, train staff, as well as recycle your corks, and advocate for local and sustainable wine.

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Sustainable Steps

GRAS is dedicated to growing a sustainable food community through education and action.
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Cork Recycling

Don't throw this valuable natural resource into the landfill. Natural cork can be reused to make a number of valuable items. In Midtown, bring your used cork to ReFill Madness on 29th St. next to Pushkin's Bakery.

Zero-Waste Event

Zero-Waste Events

Demand for full service Zero-Waste Events program has unfortunately died. We currently offer our "Recycle Stations" available for rental. Rent stations depending on need. Inquire for your event.

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Clarksburg Chenin blanc

We advocate for our Sacramento region's wine specialty, Clarksburg Chenin blanc. Chenin blanc loves our delta river valley heat and cool breezy nights. Drink Chenin blanc from a local producer.