These are some of the most commonly asked questions we get.

Why doesn't Sacramento already have composting?

Sacramento is planning to have a composting program in the near future, estimate is 2021-22. They are working on it now as there is a State mandate for us all to start composting. We want to take action immediately... do what we can. ReSoil Sacramento, like NYC, Washington DC, and Paris, France, does not have industrial composters available so we are working to divert food-scrap locally through community drop-offs and community action.

Can I get a few yards of compost for my farm?

We no longer sell finished compost in volumes of a yard or more. Most of our compost stays at the gardens or farms in which it is made. Excess is sold off and distributed when available. We generally sell finished compost in 5gal and 30gal quantities, and mixed potting soil in larger quantities.

Do you compost "compostable" cups and forks?

No. Large industrial facilities like they have in Vacaville or SF can, but our "backyard" standard does not. They just don't break down. Plus, they have found that they have the "forever" chemical in it. So it shouldn't be in the soil. In Sacramento, these wares are trash.