We want everybody

to consider their role in the carbon cycle, and how we all can play a part in reducing greenhouse gases and building resilient neighborhoods.  We encourage composting, growing food and, nurturing climate resilient landscapes. Our focus is building healthy soil.

Look for ReSoil at one of the City of Sacramento's Free Backyard Composting Seminars (right), and the County of Sacramento's Fall Compost Classes (dates and locations coming soon).

Schools & Community Groups

ReSoil frequently comes to teach the value of our veggie scraps to building healthy soil. K-12

Private Consultations

ReSoil can come and help get you started toward building an eco-friendly,  regenerative landscape.


Free Backyard Composting Seminars

Eco-System Awaits...

Call us to schedule a visit to your classroom or community center now.  We suggest a donation from those entities that can afford to, and to help cover the costs of those communities that cannot.