GRAS got started in 2011 (before Sacramento was the "Farm-to-Fork Capital") with the mission to help Sacramento restaurants become more sustainable.

We sought to build up a compost infrastructure for restaurants and partnered with local franchise hauler, Atlas Disposal. GRAS became the intermediary between waste hauler and the restaurant and the farm (and then Clean World's Anaerobic Digester). We approached restaurateurs, trained staff, organized bins, created signage, and sought to develop best practices with Sacramento restaurants and the waste industry.

Compost/ ReSoil Sacramento

Join our award-winning compost program... if you meet the local criteria. 😉  Right now we are only accepting applications from restaurants in Midtown, Downtown and East Sacramento.

Zero-Waste Consulting

GRAS can help your business develop a comprehensive waste program to meet changing requirements and dynamic possibilities. Open to all restaurant programs, developed with the Selland Family of Restaurants.

Cork Recycling

Cork from the cork oak (Quercus suber) is a beautiful and valuable natural resource. GRAS collects cork (real cork only) for local reuse projects and for ReCorkUSA. Our partners, ReFill Madness, can take your cork in Sacramento.

Contact Us

Our mission is to help restaurants develop the sustainable practices. We can help to streamline your recycling and waste stream, and put you in sync with the best local possibilities.