We invite you to become a Garden Partner or Compost Host. We want gardeners and landscapers to break the habit of purchasing compost each season. We gardeners to be a part of our local food cycle, to use local resources, and to help us divert materials from the landfill and eliminate methane.

There are a few methods and techniques of making healthy soil that we prefer, and BMP's (Best Management Practices) that we follow. But having developed our practices from a variety of sources and cultures, are open to new ideas and ways of working.


Hot Composting

Widely considered the quickest way to break down organic matter, the U.C or Lasagna method of composting is tried and true. The appropriate mix of Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Water can yield amazing results. Micro-herding at its best!


Sheet Mulching

This method is applied directly onto the planting area we want to enrich. We disperse the fresh scraps directly onto the soil surface and cover with layers of dirt, paper, straw and/or wood chips to seal. Let the biology, nutrients, moisture

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The material that we collect is for the good use of our local urban agriculture and its friends. We have fed chickens, red worms, BSLarvae and all other good creatures in our eco-system.


Garden Consultations

We advocate that you compost, grow your own food, and build regenerative, climate-resilient landscapes. We can  introduce you to the wonderful world of soil, plants, and building up a healthy ecosystem.

Healthy soil is the foundation of healthy plants and a thriving ecosystem.

Don't rip out your lawn (you lose a lot of carbon right there) but build up soil over it using methods such as sheet composting, or mulch. Reduce tilling and cherish the life in your soil.

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Garden Practices

We cultivate green spaces that aim to work with nature and regenerate ecosystems. Our practices are derived from permaculture, master gardeners, regenerative practices, and local grandma gardeners alike.

We largely apply techniques such as: no-till, organic with no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, companion planting, cover crops, composting, perennial herbs, and bee and bug friendly greenscaping.

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More Services

• Straw Bale (from Western Feed) - $15/ delivered
• Neem Oil Treatment        • Broad Fork         • Compost Worm Tea

Contact us and let's start building your soil!