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1,937,432 lbs Diverted

Join our Carbon Cycle! Together, our community has diverted over a million pounds of food scraps from the landfill to reduce greenhouse gases and build a greener Sacramento.

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Think Globally... Act Locally!

ReSoil Sacramento is a community compost collective that aims to close the local food loop - Farm-to-Fork-to-Farm. We build healthy soil to grow edible gardens and green, climate-resilient neighborhoods with the food scraps collected from our Partner Restaurants and residents of the Sacramento community.

ReSoil is a program of the Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento. GRAS is dedicated to growing a regenerative food community in our Farm-to-Fork Capital through education and action. We aim to make sustainable practices available to all.

ReSoil advocates for three things that we can do to address our changing climate:   1) compost, 2) grow our own food, and 3)  build regenerative, climate-resilient landscapes. In these turbulent times, Composting is something we can all do to reduce greenhouse gases and regenerate the health of our community.

Join us! Everybody is invited to help make Sacramento a model sustainable/ regenerative food community.


Food-Scrap Drop Off's - We want your Scraps!

• SATURDAY - Midtown Farmers Market on 20th Street @ Jazz Alley.  Bins located between K & J St.  9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Keep your scraps local!

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Composting reduces greenhouse gases (mostly methane which has 25x more potency than CO2) and aids the sequestration of carbon back into the soil. Each month, ReSoil Sacramento diverts approximately 20,000 lbs. According to the EPA, this has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of driving 18,600 miles. One million pounds of food scraps diverted has a GWP of driving 929,000 miles, or driving from SF to NYC 310 times.

Compost is the organic matter that builds healthy soil, providing many benefits: water retention, bio-diversity, reduction of heat-island effects and erosion, remediation and carbon sequestration. Healthy soil is the foundation of healthy, resilient ecosystems. ReSoil has created an estimated 330,000 lbs of compost for Sacramento soil.

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Compost for Sale

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!  Our finished product - compost aged with potting soil and worm castings. Much of our compost stays at our partner gardens and farms, so supply is limited. This is not soil, but a living, pro-biotic amendment. Contact Us.

5 gallon (25lbs) - $15-$25 donation
30 gallon (150 lbs) - $75-$100 sd


Getting in touch with nature is easy, healthy, and more important than ever. We hope to make sustainable practices easy and accessible -  so that everybody can play a part in greening their neighborhood. We'd love to come to your school or neighborhood for a demonstration.

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Compost/Soil Services

Thinking about installing an edible garden, removing your lawn, building a hot compost pile, or just bringing life to your existing garden beds?

Join our carbon network and go full circle! If you manage a school garden or have a backyard garden, talk to us. We can bring your soil to life.

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Offset Your Carbon with Us

Traveling to Europe or Asia? Or road tripping cross Country? Buy your carbon offets with us (considered a donation). ReSoil diverts approximately 93 tons of carbon each year, and those go for fluctuating prices of $25-$35 each on the CA Credit Market.
Offset Locally. 🙂

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Please Support Environmental Education & Action

ReSoil Sacramento needs your support. Our operations are supported by restaurant fees, micro-grants, and donations from our community. ReSoil is a program of the Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento (GRAS), an educational 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to grow a sustainable food community in Sacramento, through action and education.