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•Managed Waste Team

(4-6 members)
GRAS restaurants have agreed to develop a 'Managed-Waste Program,' a program customized for each restaurant that directs waste (cork, composting, recycleables, reusables, garbage) into the proper place most efficiently and accurately - in the aim to reduce the amount of garbage going into the landfill.

Team duties:

- Audit restaurant recycling (taking pictures and notes)
- Determine recycleability of certain items (work with Recycling expert)
- customize 'waste bible' info sheet for each restaurant
- customize and place waste signage for each restaurant (work with restaurants)
- analyze and consult on proper placement of bins
- develop training program with restaurant manager
- consult on the necessary size and pick-up of dumpsters

This is a process we hope to streamline to be able to accomodate new restaurants as we go. Please contact us immediately if interested.

Earth Tub Team

(3-4 members)
We are looking for this team to help manage an Earth Tub Composter in Midtown Sacramento. Duties: Regular maintainence and monitoring of the Earth


In Our Community

GRAS tries to participate and promote community events that encourage sustainable food practices and composting.

Theodore Judah Elementary

Earth Day GW

Carver - Green Jobs Day CSUS

Earth Day

Sacramento Sustainability Forum - June 17, 2010

Soil Born 'Day at the Farm'

Food Day Info-Garden with XYZ Sunday Farmers Market (with Slow Food Sacramento) Food Day - CSUS

Intl' Compost Awareness Week - Sacramento (with City of Sacramento, Hot Italian, Atlas Disposal)

Mayor's Proclamation - Compost Awareness Week (with City of Sacramento, Hot Italian, Atlas Disposal)

Soil Born 'Equinox'

Fremont Community Garden Harvest Party

California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Sustainability Forum